About Us

About Us

The founders of Hypothizer are passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Data Science; particularly the revolutionizing effect of these technologies on the world.
We believe the world is on the verge of a fourth industrial revolution. This revolution is spearheaded by Artificial Intelligence. AI has already started changing the way we work and engage with the world, and it has the potential of fundamentally transforming our mode of being in this world.
As a species, humans have achieved tremendous feats in the last two hundred years. This has been possible because of a minor fraction of people who were able to find creative solutions to ever emerging problems. The process is still on, and even accelerating day by day. Hypothizer was founded so that we can be a part of this process, and we want to help others participate in this process. We are on a mission to transform businesses with the use of AI. We are here to help businesses find creative solutions to their problems - directly with the use of AI, and indirectly by providing them the freedom to focus on what’s important as AI can handle their mundane tasks.

Meet the Founders!

Pankaj Dahiya
Business Development
Vikas Ranga
Raja Raghudeep
Machine Learning